Wayne Forrest is a Keynote speaker, Leadership expert & Transformational coach.

Wayne Forrest is an International Transformational speaker and Life Mastery Consultant, certified by the Brave thinking Institute in LA. He is no stranger to overcoming extreme circumstances in his life, going from a fit, strong and very independent Man! To having a sporting accident that dislocated his neck, and not being able to move a muscle or able to feed himself.

He believes this experience, as difficult as it was, that left him C5 Tetraplegic, in a wheelchair was not only the catalyst for his on-going journey into personal development, but also helped him to reinvent himself, which has given him the incredible life that he loves and is very grateful for.

Wayne has shared the stage with well-known thought leaders Mary Morrissey, Matt Boggs and very recently international trainers and speakers, Jim Kwik, Mari Smith, Lisa Nichols, Marisa Murgatroyd, Jerry Rice, Diana Nyad and Kenny Loggins.

Wayne speaks about how there are laws and tools to help you overcome any challenge or struggle and reinvent an even greater you. With a change of thinking, it will take you on a journey of self-discovery and Transformation, which will open doors to new potential and possibilities.

He shares his journey from the heart to enable others to believe that you too can build and live into your dreams and live a life you love, regardless of the challenges, struggles or perceived disabilities you face.

‘It’s a privilege as a Coach to be able to help others to discover their hidden abilities, in themselves”.

“Wayne is such a powerful speaker! His story gripped our attendees and helped us tap into the infinite potential that resides within. Book Wayne for your next event and he will inspire your group to new levels.”
Mat Boggs, Executive Director of Brave Thinking Institute

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